Dorothy Inez Del Tufo, Motives Cosmetics
Savannah Harley Davidson
Westcott Martial Arts Academy
Havi's Hair Design Studio

Top Fashion Photographer, Solis Magazine
Top 25 Teen Photographer, Modern Teen Style
Greatest Photographer Award, South Magazine
Best Candid Photo Award, Air 1 Radio

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Elegant Magazine, August 2017
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Hip Hop Weekly, 2012



 I’ve loved pouring over fashion magazines since I was a little girl & once I reached my teens, I decided to figure out how to create them. In 2000 I started college as a graphic design major, then eventually switched to communications & worked in advertising once I graduated. Eventually, I figured I might have an eye for photography so around 2011, I purchased a camera off Craigslist on a whim, taught myself how to use it, & the rest is history. I won a variety of local as well as national photography contests & had my work published in over 20 magazines.

I feel that one of my greatest strengths lies in being really down-to-earth & great at helping both new & experienced models, as well as commercial clients, feel completely at ease. 

When I'm not working, you'll find me hanging out with friends, ballroom dancing, or working on teaching myself videography.

Capturing colorful moments, wardrobe, & people on film forever is the thing I'm most passionate about in life and I would love to have the honor of helping you create your next project!