Hello, & welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I'm Candace, a 41 year old never married, no kids single gal living in Dallas, Texas. I've been single a little longer than expected because I spent the greater part of my life focused on my luxury portrait business & dating took a backseat. Now that I've built my empire, I've decided I can dedicate time to a relationship.

I realize this is a little wacky & weird, but after trying the dating apps for years I decided that the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over & over again expecting different results so it's time to try something new.

Here's where folks can learn about me, what I'm looking for, and even set me up with someone they think is a great match - for each guy you send who leads to an in-person date, regardless of where it goes from there, I'll send you $150. Why a reward? Because money has proven to be a fantastic search motivator since the 1800s when there were "wanted dead or alive" posters all over the Wild Wild West...I'd like him alive though please...LOL. :)

About this Website

About Me

I've changed the lives of hundreds of women by empowering them to walk in their full potential through confidence-boosting portraits & I'm pretty dang good at it - I've won several awards & employ a team of 6.

I have my dream job, dream car, dream apartment, & go on a dream vacation at least once a year. The only thing missing is my dream man! :)

I'm well-rounded; food, travel, volunteering, the great outdoors, camping, music, dance, singing, & other artistic experiences rock my world.

I'm a charismatic Christian which means I lean more into feels, less into religion. I despise Christianese which means you'll never hear me saying stuff like "The Lord this, the Bible that." These days, my faith is more about loving people vs. judging them.

I'm an ambivert who's pretty chill for the most part; Type 9/2 on the enneagram meaning that I'm the peacemaker/helper.

I'm resilient, honest, down-to-earth, goofy, & funny.

I'm financially stable with a good credit score & 0 credit card debt; should pay off the car & student loans by 2024.

I don't really age; below are filter-less selfies & just SOME of my modeling pics, I have hundreds more.

I'm self-aware, committed to personal growth & development, constantly improving myself through mindset work & ongoing therapy.

On Netflix night, I won't bore you with a billion chick flicks; I actually prefer sci-fi & action movies.

My Dream Man

He's a Christian but not the super churchy, legalistic Bible-thumper kind.

He's ambitious, has a decent job, & is financially stable.

He's a compassionate, well-rounded man who has a wide range of interests that include giving back to the community.

He's ready for a serious relationship & could see himself married within the next year or two.

He communicates well & doesn't expect me to do all the work to carry conversation.

He pursues with intentionality & is great at leading which he shows by planning dates.

He's 34-45 & a "pretty boy." Typically, men with dark hair & olive skin (such as Hispanics) catch my eye the most, but I'm open to all races so long as he isn't hood or super country...LOL.

He's adventurous, works out, & stays in relatively decent shape.

He either doesn't have kids or they're old enough to watch themselves while we're on dates.

He lives in Dallas, OR is willing to relocate to Dallas, OR is financially stable enough to support me while I spend some years rebuilding my business in his city.

He's encouraging, humble, teachable, self-aware, & committed to personal development and growth.

He's happy-go-lucky & has a great sense of humor.



Wanna play matchmaker? Submit someone you think is a match for me & if it leads to an in-person date, I'll send you $150. :)

Think you might be the man for me? Submit yourself below (OR DM me on Insta @candaceperry) & if the interest is mutual, I'll text ya. :)