Candace Perry is a quadruple threat currently based in Dallas, Texas.  Her love for the arts began at age 12 when she began singing in the prestigious Colorado Springs Children's Chorale.

At 14, the military moved her family to Arizona & she began training with the Yuma Ballet Academy, got on pointe, & was promoted to company dancer with Ballet Yuma that same year.

In college, her family moved to Georgia & she began swing dancing, sang on a worship team, & received a minor in Acting from Georgia Southern University. After graduating with a degree in Communications in 2005, she's continued singing on various worship teams, acting, modeling, & salsa as well as ballroom dancing.

While she predominantly focuses on her photography career these days, her face can still be seen in print ads worldwide at ROSS Stores & in movies such as Nicolas Sparks'The Last Song. Her passion for being in front of the camera has never died & she's still available for in front of the camera gigs as time allows.

For rates & booking information, contact her.